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Playa de San Juan

Beach life from Alicante

Whether you're a fan of living it up in a big resort or prefer finding your own way to beaches more off-the-beaten track, you're bound to enjoy life on Spain's Costa Blanca with an Alicante car hire!
Low-cost Alicante car hire
Killiney Hill

Enjoy the emerald isle from Dublin

Dublin's bigger and better than you think! Drive south to Dun Laoghaire and Dalkey in your Dublin car hire to see more. Enjoy being by the seaside, take a walk on rolling green hills, see a living history performance and maybe even enjoy a pint with a member of U2.
Dublin South's gems

From Malaga...

Whether you're soaking up the sunshine or cooling down beneath a straw umbrella, if you want to just chill, it's hard to go wrong with a trip to Malaga and the Costa del Sol.
Book your Malaga car hire here
Girona cathedral

Gorgeous Girona

From its colourful riversides to the top of its city walls, it'll be difficult not to be thoroughly charmed by Girona (also known as Gerona). There are some steep climbs up to the city walls but you'll be rewarded with amazing views and work up an appetite to eat at one of Girona's great eateries.
Girona from the city walls and riversides

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Fresh fish auction at El Campello

This stylish building separates Campello's fabulous beach from the port
The fish market is down on the beach...

There's nothing like really fresh fish.. it's one of the things I most love about my time in Spain - the supermarkets are packed to overflowing with beautiful glistening fish packed with ice .. yet it can still get fresher! My local port brings it's catch ashore every evening and you can join the event - either to buy fresh off the boats or just to see the locals haggling...

It's not the Sydney Opera House!

For sure, the person who designed the quayside in El Campello wanted to create a low-cost Sydney Opera House. To be fair, this building has weathered the extreme heat and the wild storms of the Mediterranean very weil for it's age.

Free parking (but only for 2 hours)

Normally access to the car park at the market is shut and barrier-controlled. This is very frustrating for visitors to Campello's sea front since it could probably allow for at least 100 extra cars to park at port level. However, the fishing port is controlled by the Generalitat Valenciana - not an organisation known for spending it's money wisely, or indeed money it never had. Anyway from 6pm the barrier goes up and you can pop into the fish market without needing an entry card. It comes down when the markets over though so don't think you can stay all night..

Fish you can buy

It's just been caught and now you can take it home to cook for your supper - from the car hire travel blog article.
You can buy this man's fish for dinner!

Unlike a lot of wholesale fish markets, Campello actively encourages visitors to come and see it's wares and, in addition to wholesale buyers from all the big restaurants and supermarkets, you can just buy a tray of fresh fish to take home. Sometimes they're so fresh they are actually flapping about in the market...


Gamba Roja (Red Prawns)

The Gamba Roja from this part of Spain are considered the finest in the whole country. They come ashore in El Campello, Villajoyosa and Santa Pola
Gamba Roja - cooked in salt are fabulous!


These are an absolute delicacy in this part of Spain and are very expensive (60,00 EUR a kilo in the markets and supermarkets), obvioulsy they can cost a small fortune in restaurants. But Half a kilo is only 30,00 EUR!! - to make them simply heat up a frying pan, sprinkle the bottom with coarse Maldon type sea-salt. Plop the Gambas into the pan and pan fry them for about 3 minutes on each side. Serve with some chunks of lemon and plenty of paper towels. These lovely prawns are even better in the months of December - February (when the Mediterranean is a little cooler) and come ashore in El Campello, Villajoyosa and Santa Pola ports.


And fish you can't

These fish were being crated in ice before going to Madrid.
Sardines heading to Madrid

A lot of the catch is sold in quotas to supermarket chains and restaurants at previously contracted prices. These big crates of Boqueron (sardines) were heading to Madrid.


Club Nautico

The port area is split between the fishermans port on (next to the market) and the Club Nautico de El Campello on the other side. Both the Club Nautico and the explanade make excellent spots to enjoy an evening next the sea.



Getting there

El Campello is located 17km north of Alicante on the N332 main road. You can best reach the town in a car hire from Alicante Airport (I would say that, now wouldn't I), however there is now a very excellent tram service connecting Alicante and Benidorm that passes through the centre of El Campello albeit roughly 1km from the beachfront itself. There's quite a lot of free parking near the beachfront and new for 2012 a large pay car park (3,00 EUR per day) to carry any overflow...


FGV Tram timetable (in English) => (new window)

Best times to go

The fish market opens at 6pm and closed by 8pm on weekdays. This is also the best time to enjoy El Campello - I'll do some articles on the best bits of the town another time! Make sure there's no local or national fiestas on - fishermen never work fiestas...

A Warm Welcome!

If this is your fist time visiting CarJet, may we extend you a warm welcome. CarJet was set up in 1998 when we set up one Spain's first car rental brokers and broke the mould of high-margins and complicated cancellation rules. Put simply, we translated the same conditions that existed industry-industry to our customers. We're proud to have served nearly 3 million car hire reservations since we set-up our business. 

1. No debit card fees at all!

We now accept debit cards without any fee for handling at all for all your car hire bookings, if you want to use a credit card, we will apply a 1.65% fee to cover the costs applied by your card issuer.

Paying by debit card?
Paying by debit card?

2. Compare deals by more than just the rate

With our easy-to-use search tool, you just need to put in your destination and the dates you require the rental and we'll take you to some of the most advanced car hire search results you'll have ever seen for a car rental company!

As well as being able to compare some of the best rates in the business, you can also see which car hire companies are offering those rates and for every deal we offer, you can find information on fuel policy, insurance conditions, cost of optional extras and even the locations of the various companies (such as if they have a desk in the airport or are based off-site). You can also filter the results so you only see the deals you're interested in!

3. Free cancellation on many of our deals

We're also proud to offer free cancellation on many of our offers so if you've booked one such deal and your plans change, you can change or cancel your car hire booking free of charge right up to the time you're due to pick the rental up.

4. Top-up insurance that's miles better value than the car hire supplier's

For peace of mind, we offer a Top-up insurance for every car hire deal that's often more than half the cost of what many car hire suppliers offer at the desk. We have a post explaining the differences between what you can expect to get from the different types of insurances our there here: Pimp your ride with our Top-ups. When making a booking, you can see a price comparison of the supplier's offering and ours so you can make the best choice.

Great cheap eat in Valencia: La Pizca de Sal

Valencia may not have the star appeal of Barcelona but it has just as much going for it. In fact, it's a bonus that because it doesn't, it's so much more unassuming. Valencia boasts the super futuristic architecture of Santiago Calatrava, a river that is now a park and an old town rich in history. It's also located right on the beach! 

After arriving into the city, my sister and I were already pretty eager to get into the old town and start exploring. Coming from north of the Turia park and gardens (it used to be a river!), we came through the arch of the Torres de Quart and stepped into the old town. And although there isn't a castle-like tower at every entry point into the old town, its maze-like streets and alleyways are a dead giveaway that you've stumbled upon it.

We actually hadn't got very far at all before our grumbling stomachs had us on the lookout for a place to stop for lunch. In fact, you can just about see it on the left of the picture below...

Looking through to the old town from Torres de Quart

Looking to discover Valencia and beyond with a low-cost Spain car hire? You can see our choice of pick-up locations and get a quote here.

Lunch stop at La Pizca de Sal 

It was an easy choice in the end - the menu del dia board outside La Pizca del Sal had us salivating and a sneak peek at the funky interior drew us in for a table. Here's a couple of pics of the inside...

Valencia, Spain - La Pizca de Sal bar area - Valencia Airport car hire
Bar area at La Pizca de Sal

Valencia, Spain - La Pizca de Sal inside seating - Valencia Airport car hire
Inside seating

Menu del dia

The menu del dia is a favourite amongst locals for lunch and typically includes a starter, main course, drink, bread and a dessert. As you might be able to tell, lunch is generally the biggest meal of the day in Spain! Having not eaten since breakfast before our early morning flight, we were both pretty hungry so figured we should do as the locals do and have the menu del dia.

Like other restaurants offering a menu del dia, there are several options for each course. I had the Caprese Salad to start and the Iberico pork cheeks with mushrooms.  My sister went for the Paella Valenciana and the Tuna and Prawn skewer.

Our starters: Caprese salad and Paella Valenciana

Valencia, Spain - La Pizca de Sal paella valenciana - Valencia Airport car hire
Paella Valenciana

Valencia, Spain - La Pizca de Sal caprese salad - Valencia Airport car hire
Caprese salad

We did some strategic ordering for our starters choosing a salad and the paella to share. Good thing too because neither were especially small servings! The paella actually originated from this region so when you're ordering a Paella Valenciana, you're ordering the original! Typically made with chicken, rabbit and green beans, this didn't divert from that. More importantly, it was a fantastic way to start our Valencia trip. 

Our mains: Iberico pork cheeks with mushrooms and a tuna and prawn skewer

Valencia, Spain - La Pizca de Sal tuna and prawn skewer - Valencia Airport car hire
Tuna and Prawn skewer

Both dishes were served with their freshly made crisps - this might sound a bit strange, but you'll actually be thankful to not have something heavier! The pork cheeks (pictured at the top of this post) were slow cooked in a rich and delicious sauce so they fell apart at a touch. So good! And my sister enjoyed her skewer - simply grilled and served with a herb sauce over it.

And something sweet too

Valencia, Spain - La Pizca de Sal apple tart - Valencia Airport car hire
Apple Tart

Despite feeling pretty full already, I couldn't resist a pudding. Here's my baked apple tart - delicious and fruity!

Like in most restaurants we saw on our trip, the price for the menu del dia was often the price of a single main course or less on the a la carte menu! As you can see from the pictures above, they aren't stingy on the portions. I'm also very happy to confirm that they're not stingy on flavour either. This day's particular menu del dia was €13. A bargain for quality and tasty food! On top of that, service was friendly and attentive. Our server could also speak really good English so was able to translate the bits of the menu we couldn't understand. 

Finding La Pizca de Sal...

Restaurante La Pizca de Sal
Plaza Santa Ursula 3

Tel: +34 96 391 1796

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday for lunch from 11.00am to 5.00pm and Thursday to Saturday from 8.00pm to midnight.

The restaurant is literally steps away from Torres de Quart. If you're coming from here, continue walking along Carrer de Quart and you'll see it on your left. The square (Plaza Santa Ursula) that the restaurant is located on overlooks the torres so it really is difficult to miss! And over the summer, they take over a portion of the square with lots of additional seating for customers looking to dine al fresco.

Valencia, Spain - Torres de Quart - Valencia Airport car hire
Torres de Quart

Valencia, Spain - La Pizca de Sal - Valencia Airport car hire09
La Pizca de Sal

The old town is pretty small and compact so easy to explore on foot. If you're driving your Spain car hire to Valencia and looking for a parking space, stay out of the old town! You'll find it much easier to find parking outside of it. 

For more information, visit: This map from parkopedia is also pretty handy!

To check out more of our city highlights, visit our Valencia travel blog. And if you are planning to pick up a car hire in the city, Valencia Airport car hire and Valencia Railway Station car hire are your best options. See our guides to collecting and returning a Valencia car hire here.

Eco-tax postponed in Menorca, Ibiza and Mallorca


We wrote earlier this year (read it here) about how the regional government for the Balearic Islands were planning to introduce a new eco-tax for car hires based on the rental car's CO2 emissions.

The tax was proposed to come into effect from 1 April this year. But April's been and gone and we've heard confirmation from our car hire companies based there that the tax has now been postponed for this year.

This is great news for holidaymakers who had hoped to enjoy some summer sun on one of the beautiful islands that make up the Balearics but was put off by the idea of higher car hire costs. It's also good news for tourist officials who had called on the government there to reconsider or delay the tax. 

Thinking of the Balearics for some summer sun?

The beaches are still beautiful, the sea still crystal clear, food ever so tasty and your Spain car hire won't have seen a price hike due to an added tax... Have a look at our most popular Menorca car hire, Mallorca car hire and Ibiza car hire destinations here and get a quote in advance for the lowest prices.

Menorca, Spain - Cala Galdana beach - Menorca car hire
Cala Galdana, Menorca

Mallorca, Spain - Valldemossa in the late afternoon sunshine - Palma de Mallorca Airport car hire
Valldemossa, Mallorca

Spain Car Hire

car hire Spain 


Great low cost car hire with clear up-front pricing and selections
car hire Spain - without the bull


A Warm Welcome to - we specialise in low-cost Car Hire in Spain and in 56 countries around the world, including Spain, Portugal, Italy and car hire in France. Since 1998, we have been bringing down Car Hire Prices all around the world.

Unlike many of our competitors, we still maintain our own car hire support offices in Alicante, Spain, located close to Alicante Airport car hire.


car hire Alicante Airport


car hire from Alicante Airport will let you discover the Castillo de Santa Barbara
The Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante


Right now, we have fabulous offers for Alicante Airport rentacar. These prices are all valid for 1 week's car hire Spain starting on 30th May 2012


car hire Malaga Airport


Discover Marbella and Puerto Banus in your car hire from Malaga Airport
Marbella - car hire Malaga Airport

Not to be out-done, great car hire prices for Malaga car hire also, again some examples of what's hot off the press...weekly car hire Malaga Airport starting on 30th May 2012


car hire Murcia Airport


The golden sands of San Javier's beachfront await you - rent a car from Murcia Airport car hire today
San Javier's fabulous beach - car hire Murcia

from €62,10 EUR per week!!

Increasingly popular with travellers to the Costa Blanca, we've got great prices for Car hire at Murcia's San Javier Airport too...weekly car hire Murcia Airport starting on 30th May 2012


car hire Barcelona Airport


Casa Batllo by Gaudi in Barcelona: Barcelona Airport car hire
Casa Batllo by Gaudi


from €79,56 EUR per week!!

Barcelona is a real treat with art and architecture that will make your imagination run wild and great night life that will leave you hungry for churros con chocolate in the wee hours of the morning...  Find these great deals on weekly car hire Barcelona Airport starting on 30th May 2012


car hire Madrid Airport


Flamenco in Madrid which is home to the fiery dance: Madrid Airport car hire
Flamenco in Madrid


from €89,70 EUR per week!!

Madrid is Spain's capital and is culture rich with world class museums and a full-on events calendar. It's also home to the flamenco and the number 1 place to experience the passion of it... you could even have a go! Find these great deals on weekly car hire Madrid Airport starting on 30th May 2012


car hire Greece


The view over the volcanic crater from Ola village in Santorini - discover it all with car hire Greece
The island of Santorini - Greece car hire


from €143,75 EUR per week!!

Despite all the noise about the Euro, Greece's islands remain a firm favourite with sun seekers. Hundreds of islands, thousands of beaches and a warm welcome await you... Who fancies some grilled octopus on the beach for lunch? Find these great deals on weekly car hire Athens Airport starting on 30th May 2012

Returning your hire car to Alicante Airport..

I've been meaning to do this for ages! Since Alicante Airport is my home airport, I thought it would be handy to walk you through vehicle return at the airport, now that the whopping new terminal is open. So, whilst returning my groovy Nissan Juke this Sunday, here's how it works!

This information is valid for the official on-airport car hire companies like Hertz, Europcar, Avis, Goldcar, Centauro, RecordGo etc. If your car was collected from one of the off-airport car hire companies at Alicante Airport (Dickmann's or Sol-Mar), this won't work for you.


1 : Drive past the old terminal building


Stage 1 : Follow the signs for rentacar and drive past the Alicante Airport terminal car hire
back to the airport


As you come off the main road, follow the signs for "RENT A CAR" and turn left, you'll be driving past the old Alicante Airport terminal building which is now boarded up (until AENA can decide what to do with it! in another 30 years time).


2 : It's in the middle of the road....


How to return your car hire
stay middle!

The centre lane (above) takes you down a slope towards the airport car parking and the location of the on-airport car hire companies at Alicante Airport. The right-hand lane is for buses and taxis only, the left-hand one takes you back to the roundabout (so you can try again and again and again..)

After you've taken the middle lane at this point, the road widens to two lanes, despite the signage, I would recommend you stay left.


3 :  Ignore the signs for public car park, seriously : don't go there!

The entrance to the public car park when returning car hire car rentals to Alicante
Entrance to public car park

As you go down the slope, the road bends sharply to the left. Immediately after the bend, you'll see the sign above. The first entrance is for the AENA car park. If you're driving a car hire vehicle from an on-airport company like Goldcar, Hertz, Avis, Advantage, AurigaCrown or RecordGo, you should ignore this and proceed towards the end of the road. If you park your car in the car park you will not be able to return it to the car hire company and you will pay a penalty fee when they finally locate it. So avoid the parking, did I spell that out clearly enough??


4: Entrance to the on-airport car hire parking lot.

This is where you enter when you are returning an on-airport car hire to the car rental company at Alicante Airport.
down to car hire return

At the end of the road, you'll see the turning (above) into the on-airport car hire vehicle pound at Alicante. There are two  lanes here, you'll notice they are barriered. A full list of all the car hire companies inside is shown (also above). Please remember Advantage Rentacar is part of Hertz, so if you are in a car rental vehicle from Advantage Rentacar, you should follow the signs to the Hertz car hire offices, located on the first floor.


5: Drive into the slipway for on-airport car hire at Alicante Airport


car hire return for on-airport car hire companies at Alicante Airport
nearly there


6 : Press the red button


Press the red button to enter the on-airport car hire parking area at Alicante Airport
push the red button


7 : Know where you're going!

Despite it's appearance, this machine won't give you a paking entry ticket. It reads your car hire vehicle's number plate. Just press the red button to open the gate. Now would be a good time to check which floor your Alicante car hire company is located on. Remember, you're entering at the bottom. From the top the companies are as follows


These firms are inside the gated on-airport car hire operators area.
which floor?


(Ok, you can lay on your side to see this one!)

In this case, I was returning the car to Advantage Rentacar, who are located on level 1, so it's up one floor to the Hertz Rentacar car parking area. If your car hire is from Goldcar Alicante, then you need to stay on the ground floor of the parking area.


8 : Up the ramp to the correct floor

Use these ramps to reach the car hire companies on higher floors at Alicante Airport
ramps to upper levels


9 : Return the hire car as instucted

(Since this varies according to each firm I won't spell out the proceedure. Locate the office, park the car nearby, LOCK IT and hand the keys to a member of staff - preferrably inside the car hire company offices. If someone approaches you in this with a clipboard and asks for the keys, verify their identity before you hand over the car keys ... it wouldn't be the first time that someone steals your car hire vehicle using this tried and trusted method.


10 : Take the elevator to the 4th floor of the parking lot.

Even if you've returned your car hire vehicle to Goldcar (who are on the ground floor of the airport), I'd recommend you find the lift ("elevator") and take it UPSTAIRS to the 4th floor of the airport. Okay, Okay I can't force you to do this but if you exit the parking at ground floor level you'll have to negotiate 4 lanes of traffic, including some ramps while balancing your baggage me : this is my home airport.

Taking the upper tunnels takes you straight into the check-in/departures floor. Like I said, I know things.


11 : Hit the lobby


car hire return lobby area
the lobby area

Ad you come out of the lifts, head into the "lobby" - frankly I have no idea what this space is supposed to be for. I suspect the architects who designed the place have no idea either. It's huge, beautifully lit with natural daylight and apart from a couple of vending machines, it appears to serve no purpose at all. Hell, you could house a supermarket in this space it's so big!

This area also has a flight departures/arrivals information screen (showing the desks for check-in) and has one the few working toilets you'll see until you get past airport security so, particularly if you're travelling with kids, this might be time to take advantage... In the photo above, you'll see the entrance to the tunnel that leads into the airport terminal building.


12 : Cross the bridge into the airport terminal building

Cross this bridge to reach the terminal building
bridge into the airport


Yes, you've spotted the dodgy rubber flooring! In a staggeringly beautiful and well-designed airport (we'll skip the €629 m price tag), for some reason these bridges somehow got left behind. Where elsewhere we have marble floors, some idiot decided to put the old stuuded rubber matting down.

It's noisy, hot (it's not air-conditioned) it's already peeling away and it's hard to push heavy bags accross ... definitely something for the airport to "review" in the future. Anyway, full-speed straight ahead and at the end are some glass doors taking us into cool air-conditioned calm of the new terminal building.

Whilst you're crossing the bridge, have a peek out the windows. The scale of the place is pretty amazing.


13 : Escalators, Moving Ramp or Lift/Elevator Sir?

Escalators to the security screening area at Alicante Airport
up to departures


Straight ahead of you, when you leave the tunnel are the escalators. These go up into the left-hand side of the departures hall where airport security screening is located. If you need to check-in baggage, better to use the moving ramp to your right (next picture down). In the picture above, you'll also see the doors to 2 large lifts ("elevators") that go up to departures as well. No expense spared in this bit of the project, evidently.


14 : Moving ramp to check-in

Take this moving ramp to arrive smoothly at the check-in desk area.
Moving ramp to check-in


Like I said before, if you're going to check-in baggage, take the moving ramp to your right - it leads to the check-in desks area. I will do a separate article on check-in and what's airside at the airport on another occasion.

Now I know why I never did this before .. it take's ages!! Anyway, hope you found it useful..

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