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20 September 2012 Luna Dizon

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Marseille, France - Marseille Airport, National Citer and Alamo car hire - Marseille car hire
National / Citer and Alamo car hire


At CarJet, we wanted to give you a little bit more background to some of the car hire companies you could be renting a car hire from… Remember, booking a car hire with CarJet means you can choose the car hire company you pick up a car from! First up and because I've been in France recently, a little bit of background on National/Citer...


National / Citer car hire


National/Citer is a car hire company you'll see a lot of in France. Citer actually started life back in France in 1968 renting Citroën cars to companies. But things have moved on since then and Citer have been affiliated with global car hire company, National, since 1998.

If you're renting a car a National / Citer car in France, that's exactly as you'll see it. They have a fleet of around 15,000 vehicles across France and offer a range of options from economy cars to minibuses and high-end cars. Offering car hire in close to 250 locations, which include 63 airports and 40 train stations.

According to their website, you can expect to get a car hire that will have an average fleet age of 3-5 months as well as have been systematically reviewed…

One of the qualities you'll find they pride themselves in is their commitment to having more environmentally friendly cars . 65% of their cars in 80% of their locations are either 'green' or emit a low level of emission… Bear in mind that fewer CO2 emissions often means more fuel efficient  so gives you savings too!


Popular National/Citer locations in France


National/Citer is also one of the car hire companies we do a lot of work with. If you're looking for rental whilst in France, see our map of France car hire locations and you can make your choice of location and car hire company: France car hire. Here are a selection of National/Citer car hire locations you'll find...


Paris car hire


Paris, France - Sat below the Eiffel Tower - France car hire
Sat below the Eiffel Tower


Find romance and lights in the capital and then head out to Versaille and experience the opulence of the former royalty or get your thrills and a photo with Micky and friends at Disneyland Paris. Looking for something a little bit more chilled? Drive your Paris car hire to the beach on the Normandy coast.

Paris car hire with National/Citer is available at the following airports and train stations:

Charles de Gaulle Airport: Terminal 1, Terminal 2 A-D and Terminal 2 E-G

Orly Airport: South Terminal and West Terminal

Gare du Nord (perfect if you're travelling with Eurostar)

Gare de Lyon

Gare Montparnasse

Gare Porte Maillot

We also have a number of on-street car hire locations too!


Biarritz car hire


Biarritz, France - Beach time in French Basque country - Biarritz car hire
Surf's up in Biarritz!


Get your surf on at Biarritz, a premier beach destination. In France's Basque country, explore with with your Biarritz car hire - why not drive south and check out Spain's Basque country too! Get a quote here for a Biarritz Airport car hire or Biarritz Railway Station car hire.


Bordeaux car hire


Bordeaux, France - Palais de la Bourse - Bordeaux car hire
Palais de la Bourse, Bordeaux


Ahh, wine country... what's not to love? A beautiful and laid back city to base yourself in, make the most of your Bordeaux car hire with a tour of one or more vineyards. You'll find this region full of beautiful old villages Saint Emilion as well as some really tasty wine. Get around with a Bordeaux Airport car hire or Bordeaux Railway Station car hire.


Carcassone car hire


France, Castle life in Carcassonne - Carcassonne car hire
Castle life in Carcassonne

Photo by


Visit the biggest fortified city in Europe... In fact, the upper part of the city, La Cité, is a whole castle! Find a deal on a Carcassonne Airport car hire here.


Geneva car hire


France, Chamonix skiing - Geneva car hire
Chamonix skiing

Photo by


Come winter time, Geneva Airport is one of the key gateways to skiing in the French Alps. Whether you're headed to Chamonix, Courchevel or Val d'Isaire and numerous others, get around with a Geneva Airport car hire.


Lyon car hire


France, Dining in Lyon - Lyon car hire
Dining in Lyon

Photo via

Rich with culture and heritage, Lyon is a beautiful city to explore. It's also a great starting point if you're headed to the Alps for a spot of skiing! We have a number of car hire locations in the area including Lyon Airport car hire as well as Lyon Part Dieu Railway Station car hire and Lyon Perrache Railway Station car hire.


Marseille car hire


Marseille, France - Notre Dame de la Garde, view of Frioul islands - Marseille car hire
The Frioul Islands from Notre Dame de la Garde


As the title of European Capital of Culture in 2013 puts the spotlight on Marseille and around, it's a great time to start planning your trip to Provence. Start with booking your car hire! We've got a number of locations in the area including Marseille-Provence Airport car hire and Marseille Railway Station car hire.


Montpellier car hire


France, Nights in Montpellier - Montpellier car hire
Nights in Montpellier

Photo via


Enjoy beautiful nights in the cosmopolitan city of Montpellier. Close to Langoudoc wine country, there's some great exploring to be done nearby too! Get around with a Montpellier Airport car hire or Montpellier Railway Station car hire.


Nice car hire


France, Beautiful Riviera - Nice car hire
The beautiful Riviera

Photo via


Fabulous beaches and the glamour of Cannes and Monte Carlo just a drive away... Find a deal here on a Nice Airport car hire and Nice Railway Station car hire


Perpignan car hire


France, The Pyrenees from Perpignan - Perpignan car hire
The Pyrenees from Perpignan

Photo via


On the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by rich agricultural plains and a drive away to the Pyrenees, Perpignan makes for a fabulous base to discover this part of the South of France. Explore it with a Perpignan Airport car hire.

Have you got a good experience of using National/Citer?

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