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Hiring a car at Santa Cruz de La Palma Airport

La Palma Canary Islands - Santa Cruz de La Palma Airport: La Palma Airport car hire
La Palma Airport

You can fly direct into La Palma from destinations that include cities in Germany



cities including 


as well as on inter-island flights from 

Tenerife North Airport, Lanzarote Airport 


Gran Canaria Airport.   Santa Cruz de La Palma Airport 

(or La Palma Airport for short) is located just 8 kms south of the island’s capital – Santa Cruz de La Palma (ah, now you see why the airport’s named after it!). 

Find great prices with a quote on a La Palma Airport car hire.

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Hiring a car at Santa Cruz de La Palma Port

La Palma Canary Islands - Santa Cruz de La Palma Port: La Palma car hire
Santa Cruz de La Palma Port

Also located in the capital, you can enjoy the ocean more by cruising into La Palma via Santa Cruz de La Palma Port. You have a choice of ferries arriving into La Palma – mainly from other Canary Islands but there’s also a weekly sailing all the way from mainland Spain at Cadiz if you’re really up for taking things slow. And once you’re off the boat and ready to explore La Palma’s winding roads, we have great La Palma Port car hire deals at two locations just a short walk away. Find great car hire prices at the Port with either Cicar car hire or Hertz car hire.

Whether you're coming from or going to another of Spain's beautiful Canary Islands, see our great prices on Canary Islands car hire.

More locations: car hire Santa Cruz de La Palma Airport

Discover La Palma

Star gazing

La Palma Canary Islands - Star gazing: La Palma car hire
starry nights

The islands are perfectly situated for a spot of star gazing with beautiful and light-pollution free clear skies – the sky above the region is even government protected. Learn about the constellations and discover them in the night’s sky – at 28º in the northern latitude, you’ll be able to see all the constellations in the northern hemisphere and a fair few of them from the southern hemisphere too. If you’re interested in learning more about the science involved with star gazing, visit the renowned Roque de los Muchachos observatory. Just check their website for visitor information – and note that visits are only in the day time! 

Crater landscapes at Caldera de Taburiente National Park

a Palma Canary Islands - La Caldera de Taburiente National Park: La Palma car hire
La Caldera de Taburiente National Park

With steep vertical drops, lush forests and eerie rock formations, a walk on one of the many trails in the Caldera de Taburiente National Park is one that is not easily forgotten. Streams and waterfalls abound in this park keeping things lush and giving you a chance to cool down if you’ve worked up a sweat. At 8 kms in diameter, it is one of the world’s biggest craters. With several rocky peaks stretching above 2,300 metres including Pico de la Cruz and Piedra Llana as well as the ever changing weather from bright sunshine to heavy mist making for spectacular views. You won’t be able to help yourself but be moved by what you see. You can enter the park via the town of El Paso or Santa Cruz de La Palma

Find out more on the park’s website.