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Arizona, USA - Monument Valley - USA car hire
Drive America... there's lots to see!

Photo by Frank Kovalchek of Monument Valley, Arizona

You have the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Each coastline is rich and varied with amazing beaches. The 6000 miles in between features mountain ranges, swamp land, forests and deserts. But America doesn't just feature varied landscapes. It's urban centres are just as diverse. From the skyscrapers of New York and Chicago to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, America's cities will captivate you too. Variety really is the spice of life and the USA has it in bucket loads. 

We've got great USA car hire deals throughout the country from Boston to Seattle and San Diego to Florida's Key West - just have a look at our map or start typing in the city you're looking for in the search box above.


Sunny Florida

Home to some of the biggest and best theme parks in the world, incredible beaches and so much more, Florida is a firm favourite for a sunshine holiday. Have a look at our Florida car hire page for a better look at our car hire locations across the state. 

Orlando car hire

Orlando, USA - Disney World - Florida car hire
Welcome to the Magic Kingdom

Photo by Edwin Torres

Fly into one of Orlando's two international airports and find fun for all the family. Whether it's big rides and thrills of Disney, Universal or another (there are a plenty to choose from!), outlet shopping (you might need an extra suitcase), golf and beaches just a drive away, Orlando is a fantastic place to start. 

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Miami car hire

Miami, USA - South Beach art deco street - Florida car hire
Ocean Drive at night

Photo by Craig ONeil.

Further south, arrive at Miami Airport and you could spot crocodiles by day in the Everglades and party it up in Miami's South Beach at night. With so many beaches to choose from around here, you could just spend days basking in the sunshine. For those of you looking for a fabulous drive, don't miss the Overseas Highway that connects the incredible Florida Keys to the mainland. You can also see what we thought when we visited Miami in our travel blog.  

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Florida car hire

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Golden California

Like lots of the USA's 50 states, California was made for driving. You could start in San Francisco and head south on Highway 1 to enjoy the Big Sur before continuing south to the City of Angels or even further south to San Diego. Explore it all or explore smaller areas better with a California car hire

San Francisco car hire

/San Francisco, USA - Golden Gate Bridge and the fog - California car hire
Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco fog

Photo by different 2une

Stick to northern California where you can be charmed by San Francisco… even by its well renowned fog! Love wine? San Francisco is also a pretty good starting point for checking out California wines at Napa Valley. There is lots of wilderness to enjoy in the north too. For instance, Yosemite National Park is three ours drive away.

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Los Angeles car hire

Los Angeles, USA - Rodeo Drive - California car hire
Got some cash to splash? Head to Rodeo Drive

Photo by Sharon Mollerus

Southern California's feels like it's in a different climate because things really hot up. Go star spotting in Los Angeles, enjoy a whole lot of beach life and for something really quite different, head to Joshua Tree National Park for the eerie landscape that graced the cover of a U2 album. From Los Angeles, you're also just a few hours drive from Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon - both easily done with a California car hire!

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California car hire

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Nevada's desert lights

Las Vegas, USA - Vegas lights - Las Vegas Airport car hire
The bright lights of Las Vegas

Photo by Jim G

Las Vegas car hire

Bright neon lights and towering casino hotels make Las Vegas completely unique. There really is nothing quite like it. Surrounded by the Nevada desert, the landscape often seems otherworldly. Drive your Las Vegas car hire over to the incredible Grand Canyon and let the views take your breadth away. Thinking about a trip to Vegas? Remember, the rule is 'whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'… Unless, of course, you're a young prince. 

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Cosmopolitan New York

New York, USA - Brooklyn Bridge - New York car hire
Brooklyn Bridge, New York

New York car hire

We heart New York. If you love big cities and all that big cities offer, it's impossible not to love the Big Apple. World class museums, fantastic shopping, great restaurants and a vibrant and varied nightlife. Go to a Broadway show one evening and head to Williamsburg in Brooklyn for a more alternative night out. Don't just think that New York is Manhattan, get out to the other boroughs - you'll find great surf and a sideshow circus in Coney Island for instance. There's more to enjoy with a New York car hire out of the city too. Check out Long Island where New Yorkers go to play and rest in the summer or head inland to find mountain ranges, lakes and forests. For news and ideas for a trip in New York, have a look at our travel blog.

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To the Capitol in the capital

Washington DC, USA - Washington Dulles Airport car hire
The White House

Washington DC car hire

Wave to the President (or just pretend to) outside the White House and soak up the history and politics of one of the big super powers in the world by visiting the Capitol. The best time to visit (I think so anyway) is spring when it's at its prettiest as hundreds of cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. See our travel blog for more ideas on things to do whilst in DC.

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The great lakes from the Mid-West

Chicago, USA - Lakeshore view - Chicago Airport car hire
Chicago's Lakeshore

Photo by Jarkko Laine

Chicago car hire

It's America's mid-west but geographically, it's more east! Explore the Mid-West from the Windy City. Look up in awe at the towering architecture from one of the boat tours, go for a drive along the lakeshore (which looks more like a seashore, it's so vast!) and get off the beaten track with visits to overlooked Detroit and the university town of Ann Arbor. Curious to know more about the are? Check out our travel blog on Chicago and Detroit.

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America's South on your mind?

Memphis, USA - Beale Street Neon - Tennessee car hire
Southern charm in Memphis

America's southern states are what intrigues me about this country the most. I'm drawn in by the that southern drawl (all of them!), the pace of life is just that little bit more laid-back and there's the music too. Blues, Country and Soul. You can find stories about the South in the music made in it. There are big urban centres like Atlanta and Houston as well as beautiful smaller cities full of grand old architecture such as those in Savannah, Charlotte and New Orleans. But there's also just great expanses of rural towns amidst mountains and forests. Drive through beautiful Spanish moss draped tree-lined roads, put on some cowboy boots and enjoy southern soul food served with a huge slice of southern charm. Go explore the south with a USA car hire.  

Atlanta car hire

Georgia, USA - Spanish moss, Sea Islands - Atlanta Airport car hire
The Sea Islands are just a few hours drive away from Atlanta

Life's just peachy in the Georgia capital - it is the Peach State after all! At the heart of America's south and its biggest international airport, Atlanta makes for a pretty good starting point. Sprawling and cosmopolitan, after a couple of days checking out the city's sights, make the most of your low-cost car hire with visits to the music cities of Nashville and Memphis. Nature lovers will love it here too. Enjoy the views from up high at the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee or Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia and  drive to the coast where a chain of over 100 Sea Islands from southern Georgia to the Carolinas await. 

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Texas car hire

San Antonio, Texas - Alamo - USA car hire.
The historic Alamo in San Antonio

Photo by Stuart Seeger

'Don't mess with Texas' is a phrase much-loved by Texans. Texas is big and Texans love of it is just as big. But don't be fooled, they also have big hearts and will be very curious to learn a little more about you too. It's not all JR Ewing and big oil (although, there really are an awful lot of cowboy boots and hats). Enjoy beautiful San Antonio that feels more Mexican than American and don't miss Austin, where they like to keep it weird. 

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New Orleans car hire

New Orleans, USA - Spirit Brass Band on Bourbon - New Orleans Airport car hire
Spirit Brass Band on Bourbon St

New Orleans (or N'Awlins) is quite possibly the best place in the world for street music. People here really know how to have a good time… just follow the sound of a brass band, pick up a 'drink-to-go' and join in. Even if you can't make it for its world renowned mardi gras or jazz festival, you'll find a little of both in New Orleans all year round. We love New Orleans - see our travel blog for why.

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Adventure in the Rockies

Colorado, USA - Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park - Denver Airport car hire
Sprague Lake reflections, Rocky Mountain National Park

Photo by Esther Lee

Denver car hire

Explore the Rocky Mountains from Denver, the state capital of Colorado. Skiing, snow boarding, hiking and mountain climbing are just a few of the activities you could be doing here. If you're planning a trip in January, don't miss the famous Sundance Film Festival, which takes place in Salt Lake City.

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Hawaiian dream

Hawaii, USA - Waikiki Beach at sunset - Hawaii car hire
Waikiki Beach at sunset

Hawaii car hire

Spend a holiday in Hawaii and you'll have to pinch yourself to make sure it's all real. The Hawaiian islands have beaches that make you feel like you're in paradise. When you're not basking in the sunshine, you could be spotting sea turtles in the shallow waters of Hanauma Bay on Oahu or surfing big waves on its North Shore just a drive away. Tropical forests and a volcanic landscape make up much of the rest the Hawaiian islands away from the coast. Most flights to Hawaii will go to Honolulu International Airport but there are plenty of smaller flights between the islands too. We've got great deals on Hawaii car hire at Honolulu , Maui, the Big Island (for the Volcanoes National Park) and more. 

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