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Lisbon Airport eating and shopping

30 January 2014

If you don't have to hot foot it through Lisbon Airport to your next destination, in this guide, we give you a quick run through of some of the eateries, shops and other services you can expect to find at the airport. For all our Lisbon-related posts including our city highlights as well as all our Lisbon Airport guides, visit our Lisbon travel blog. And if you're planning a trip here and want a great value Lisbon car hire to help you get around, get a quote here on a Lisbon Airport car hire… Alternatively, do check out our Portugal car hire page for more information and other locations. 

First - a bit about Lisbon Airport

Lisbon, Portugal - Terminal 1 building - Lisbon Airport car hire
Welcome to Lisbon Airport

Lisbon Airport is Portugal's biggest airport. It's conveniently located within the city but means it's perhaps less convenient for grand expansion plans… And despite plans to relocate the airport having stalled, that's not stopped them from developing a first-rate airport with all the mod-cons.

Lisbon Airport comprises two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Although, really, Terminal 1 is the main bulk of the airport with Terminal 2 only used for departures of selected budget airlines.

If you've not got a lot of time, here's a quick sum up… 

Eateries are well spread out in the airport and include a number of different cafés, bars and a few restaurants too. There is even a small café in the baggage reclaim hall so you can have a coffee or a croissant (there are more options too) before you've even got out into the arrivals hall! 

In terms of shops, whichever part of the airport you are in, you should have no problem finding something that you might be more typically looking for at an airport such as a newsagent/gift store and pharmacy. However, the large bulk of shops are located post-security in the departures lounge at Terminal 1. 

Living Spots and free wifi access

One of the nice features of Lisbon Airport is its 'Living Spots'. They are colourful spaces with some comfy chairs and power points so you can charge up your portable electronics. They also have interactive screens, which you can refer to for more information about the airport layout.

There are a couple of Living Spots in Terminal 1: one pre-security and another post-security. Pre-security, you'll find one on the departures level opposite the post-office and close to the Spoon Café. Post-security in the departures lounge, there is a Living Spot close to gate 17 near the food court. 

There is also a 'Family' spot which is a similar space but offers more family friendly services that include a microwave so you can heat up food and drink as well as various games. You'll find it by heading all the way up from the rotunda - it's opposite La Pausa restaurant.

Lisbon, Portugal - Terminal 1 departures pre-security Family Spot - Lisbon Airport car hire
The Family Spot on the top floor opposite La Pausa

Being able to go on the internet is practically a 21st century necessity and at Lisbon Airport, you can access 30 minutes of free wifi throughout at both terminals. Just log into the Boingo Hotspot and make sure you click the link for free access. You'll have to register to log in. I didn't need to put any payment details in, which you will be required to if you want to pay to use the service for a longer period. 

On arrival - All passengers arrive into Terminal 1 

There are several cafes in the main arrivals hall area all offering something slightly different: Olá, Slice and Café Café.

Fancy an ice cream to go? Then Olá is what you're looking for. Choose your flavour(s) and have it in a cone, on a waffle or in a tub. You can get crepes and smoothies here too. There's no seating here though. 

Lisbon, Portugal - Arrivals Vodafone and ice cream rent-a-car pick up point - Lisbon Airport car hire
Olá for ice cream

Lisbon, Portugal - Arrivals Slice - Lisbon Airport car hire
Slice for tapas and other snacks

Slice is a café and tapas bar with a large seating area towards the middle of the hall right by the currency exchange desk

And at the far end of the arrivals hall (towards your left after leaving baggage reclaim) is your typical airport café suitably called Café Café. You can pick up a hot refreshment as well as a pastry here. There is a small seating area too.


Lisbon, Portugal - Arrivals Relay for reading - Lisbon Airport car hire

Shops you'll find here include a Relay (newsagent and bookshop), pharmacy and Vodafone store. 

The Rotunda - connecting arrivals and departures

Lisbon, Portugal - Rotunda - Lisbon Airport car hire
Rotunda - a space to connect arrivals with departures

If you head towards your right after leaving baggage reclaim or if you've just arrived at the airport, it's likely you'll find the rotunda. It's a lovely spacious and light-filled space (especially when it's sunny) that connects the arrivals hall to the pre-security departures area (or what is effectively the public area).

On the arrivals, you'll find My Bistro. It has a modern look and has indoor seating as well as a lovely terrace area just outside too. This is a good place to stop for a more substantial meal with an array of pasta and typical Portuguese dishes for around €7. You can get sandwiches and pastries here as well.

Lisbon, Portugal - Terminal 1 My Bistro - Lisbon Airport car hire
The terrace of My Bistro

Lisbon, Portugal - Departures T1 Heineken Bar - Lisbon Airport car hire
The Heineken Bar

Named after one of the biggest beer brands in the world, I think the Heineken Bar might be a good place to sip a beer before you fly. It's actually quite a nice space with seats overlooking the rotunda area. As well as serving a range of hot food dishes, they also have a sushi area. Just head up the escalators from the rotunda entrance/arrivals level and you'll see it on your left. If you've got a taxi to take you directly outside the T1 departures area, you'll likely see it on your right as you enter.

Lisbon, Portugal - Terminal 1 departures pre-security La Pausa - Lisbon Airport car hire
La Pausa Restaurant and La Pausa self-service

La Pausa features a self service restaurant and a more sophisticated sit-down restaurant serving Portuguese cuisine with an a la carte menu and full wine menu. The latter restaurant is more expensive than other options in the airport with mains at around €17 but if you're looking for  more of a fine dining experience, that's your best bet. The self-service restaurant is cheaper. You can access it via the top of the rotunda so from the rotunda entrance/arrivals, all the way up.

AbsolutBeauty - travel spa and hairdresser

AbsolutBeauty is also located at the very top by the rotunda area along with La Pausa and offers a range of spa and beauty treatments. If you've got some time to spare and could do with a relaxing massage or a haircut, head this way.

More from Terminal 1 

Lisbon, Portugal - Departures T1 Spoon Cafe - Lisbon Airport car hire
More pre-security dining at the Spoon Café

As well as the eateries mentioned above that are in or by the rotunda area, there is also a quite snazzy looking place called the Spoon Café. It's all pink and white and has a sizeable seating area located between check-in desks 1-13 and check-in desks 14-107 on the departures level. From the rotunda entrance/arrivals hall, head up one level and you'll see more steps going up towards your right. Or if you've entered the airport at the departures entrance, walk passed the Heineken Bar and you'll see it up on your right.

Lisbon, Portugal - Terminal 1 Lacoste - Lisbon Airport car hire
Lacoste and Accessorize in Terminal 1

The pre-security departures level has a number of shops as well as a pharmacy, post office and a Santander bank with a couple of cash machines just outside it. Shops here include a Divers, which is good for books and gifts. UK brands do well here too with an Accessorize, Tie Rack and a Lacoste all here.

You'll find them all in the main pre-security departures space if you've entered the terminal on the departures level or from the rotunda. 

Post-security in the departures lounge

I didn't actually go through the T1 departures lounge but you can see what shops are available to you here and you can find all the eateries here.

The bulk of eateries and shops are just after security control in what is called 'Praca Lisboa'. There are also a couple more places with food and probably a duty free shop: by gates 7-13 and between gates 26 and 41. This map of the post-security area at Terminal 1 is a guide to how long it takes to get around. 

Flying out of Terminal 2

See our guide to departing from Lisbon Airport for more on how to get to Terminal 2. Once you're at Terminal 2, although it's much smaller than the main terminal, you'll still be able to get fed and pick up a souvenir to take home.

As you enter the terminal, you'll find a Confeitaria Nacional on your right. Despite it being a branch of a much loved and historic pastry shop and cafe, the one here at the airport looks pretty sleek and modernist. However, it looks like they've stuck to the traditional offering with a range of Portuguese sweet and savoury pastries. You can even buy some pasteis de nata to take home too. 

Lisbon, Portugal - Terminal 2 departures pre-security Confeteira Nacional - Lisbon Airport car hire
Confeitaria Nacional

Lisbon, Portugal - Terminal 2 departures pre-security divers inside - Lisbon Airport car hire

Also close to the entrance is a Divers gift and bookshop as well as a currency exchange desk. At the Divers, you can even get a bottle of Ginjinha here too. But if you've only got hand luggage, wait until you pass security control as it'll only get confiscated for being over 100mls! There is another branch of Divers post-security too.

Post-security in the departures lounge

First up after you leave security control is a women's accessories shop called Parfois - it's like the Portuguese equivalent of Accessorize but when I looked, prices seemed generally cheaper! After the Parfois is a large duty free store selling all your duty free favourites as well as Portuguese gifts and food/drinks to take home.

Lisbon, Portugal - Terminal 2 departures post-security Parfois and Duty Free - Lisbon Airport car hire
Parfois and Duty Free

Lisbon, Portugal - Terminal 2 departures post-security Ale Hop - Lisbon Airport car hire
Ale Hop

At the far end of the departures lounge, there is an Ale Hop, where you can find more gift ideas and another branch of Divers

There are several eateries here…

Lisbon, Portugal - Terminal 2 departures post-security Cafe and bar - Lisbon Airport car hire
Servejaria bar and Nespresso café

There is a cafe and bar called Nespresso and Servejaria respectively although they share the same space. And it's a nice space to sit in if you want to grab something to eat or drink. 

Just past them, there is a McDonalds and a Tasty2Go.

These eateries are opposite passport control and access to departure gates for destinations that require passport control. There are no eateries or shops beyond passport control so pick up something to eat or drink before if you think you might want it later.


Wine and fado shop
Guilherme from

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