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"Summer time, and the living is easy... " perhaps this should have been written about Spain, which just exudes "Gusto por vivir" (love of the good life). Noisy, irreverant, and congested cities contrast with tiny white-washed villages where time still appears to have stopped still and deserted bays with crystaline water. All waiting to be discovered in your car hire in Spain.

At CarJet, we love car hire in Spain. We've made it our life's work and we've grown to understand that there isn't "one" Spain, there are literally dozens. From snowy ski resorts, cosmopolitan cities, sleepy towns tucked away into the coastal regions, stunning beaches, amazing food.. it has whatever you're looking for.

Spain car hire briefing

Scroll down the page, or hit the links here to read Luna Dizon's need-to-know briefing on car hire in Spain. Who knows, we might even inspire you to abandon the pool for a day or two!

Balearic Islands | Basque country | Murcia & Costa Calida | Malaga & Andalucia | Alicante & Costa Blanca | Madrid & central Spain | Galicia | Barcelona & Catalunya | Canary Islands


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Collecting a Gibraltar Airport car hire

If you're planning to collect a car hire on arrival at Gibraltar Airport, get up to speed before you get there with our guide to Gibraltar Airport car hire. Find out which companies are based on-site at the airport as well as nearby and how to find them. Don't forget to book your Gibraltar Airport car hire in advance for the best deals and avoid disappointment. Speaking of which, you can do that with CarJet too!

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car hire Spain : a complete guide

Think you know car hire Spain? Think again! - join Luna Dizon on a quick whistle-stop tour of everything you wanted to know about Spain. We visit a whole country in a single page. Fasten your seat belts..

The contrasting islands of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza

Known as the "islas Baleares", these three islands nestle in the warm waters of the Mediterranean in Spain. Yet, each is dramatically different to it's neighbours. Menorca | Ibiza | Palma de Mallorca

car hire Menorca

Menorca, Spain - Spectacular beaches - Mahon Airport car hire
Spectacular beaches

Photo by hugos007

Cool, restrained and peaceful. Menorca was once an important naval asset and is the home to Spain's Xoriguer Gin Company - It's a green and lush island with lot's of dairy cows munching away on luscious green grass. It's beaches are similar to Portugal's Algarve car hire region, with craggy bays and crystal clear waters. You'll need a Menorca car hire to explore this place.

car hire Mahón Airport

> car hire Ciutadella

car hire Spain

car hire Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain - Sunset at Café del Mar - Ibiza Airport car hire
Sunset at Café del Mar

Photo by ST33VO

Ibiza is totally different to Menorca. Known internationally as a "party island", it forms along with Mykonos and Miami Beach a circuit to some of the world's top DJ's. Ibiza car hire is also home to the Pacha nightclub chain. So life here really kicks in at sundown. But don't just party at night and sleep in the beach, Ibiza town is full of amazing history and fabulous sea food. Daytimes are for exploring beaches - and a cheap Ibiza car rental will get you there for less.

> car hire Ibiza Airport

> car hire Ibiza Ferry Port

 car hire Spain

car hire Majorca

Mallorca, Catedral de Mallorca - Mallorca car hire
Palma de Mallorca's spectacular cathedral

Palma de Mallorca car hire (often called Majorca car rental by the British!) is the capital of the Balearics region. In Spain, Palma is regarded as an über chic Summer vacation spot, indeed favoured by the Spanish Royal family who decamp to their Summer Palace "Marivent" on the island.

It's a huge island, with fabulous craggy bays in the North of the island - see car hire in Alcudia -  a cosmopolitan capital city, a major international airport - often called the Mediterranean hub airport, and a lively party scene in the south. Check it out!

> car hire Palma de Mallorca Airport

> car hire Palma de Mallorca's Maritime Port

> car hire Puerto Pollensa

 car hire Spain

Bilbao and the Basque Country

In the north of Spain, this is a country within a country : green lush vegetation, stunning cities with vibrant nightlife and gourmet food jostle places with remote beaches. Bilbao | Santander | San Sebastian | Pamplona 

car hire Bilbao

Bilbao, Spain - Guggenheim Museum - Bilbao car hire
Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Known as "Bilbo" to the locals, this is a city that is so much more than the glittering Frank Ghery designed Guggenheim Museum. Our CarJet bloggers have been checking out this amazing town click here to read all about Bilbao city. You definitely need a Bilbao car hire to explore the local sights.

> car hire Bilbao Airport

> car hire Bilbao train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Santander

Santander, Spain - Sacred Heart Parish - Santander Airport car hire
Inside Sacred Heart Parish

Photo by Enrique Lopez-Tamayo Biosca

Apart from being home to the most successful bank in Spain, Santander is, argueably, the biggest shipping port in Spain too. From all that activity, the city became very wealthy and it's architecture reflects it's glorious past. Tapas in Santander and "vino tinto" are taken very seriously indeed. But get out and explore the countryside, in your Santander car hire.

> car hire Santander Airport

> car hire Santander train station

 car hire Spain

car hire San Sebastian

San Sebastian near Bilbao, car hire Bilbao Airport, car hire San Sebastian
La Concha Bay from Mount Igueldo

One of Spain's most elegant cities - it's justly famous for it's beautiful shell-shaped "playa de la concha", fine hotels and basque cuisine to die for. Outside the city, in your car hire in Spain, you'll find little eateries offering a "Menu del dia" for a handful of euros with authetic home-made Basque cooking!

> car hire San Sebastian Airport

> car hire San Sebastian train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Pamplona

Pamplona, Spain - Fiesta de San Fermin - Pamplona Airport car hire
Fiesta de San Fermin

Photo by Abir Anwar

Probably one of Spain's best known cities, famous for it's running of the bulls celebrated in "San Fermin" starting on July 7th every year. it's a city heaped in history, great dining and surrounding countryside you can only visit in your car hire in Spain.

> car hire Pamplona Airport

> car hire Pamplona train station

 car hire Spain

Murcia & the Costa Calida's warm beaches

Tucked away at the south-easterly tip of Spain, Murcia offers warm sunshine and golden beaches. It also benefit's from it's own microclimate with above-average temperatures year-round. Murcia | Almeria | Torrevieja

car hire Murcia

Murcia Cathedral, Spain car hire
Murcia Cathedral

Photo by Charlotta Wasteson

Almost completely off the radar for most tourists that fly into San Javier Airport, this is a majestic city with friendly locals and a great tapas scene when the sun goes down. You'll need a car hire Spain to get out to the beaches though, land-locked Murcia city is around 70km from the lagoons of Mar Menor, La Manga Club etc.

> car hire Murcia Airport

> car hire Murcia train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Almeria

Almeria, Spain - Playa de Agua Amarga - Almeria car hire
Playa de Agua Amarga, Almeria

Photo by Gabriel Villena Fernández

Home to Spaghetti western's, Almeria should really be filed under "Andalucia car rental", but it's close proximity to Murcia and it's climate are definitely closer to the Costa Calida lifestyle. All the beach you can eat! Travel outside of July & August and you could be the only person on the beach. A car hire in Spain is essential in this windswept, wild coastline.

> car hire Almeria Airport

> car hire Almeria train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Torrevieja

Torrevieja, Spain - Beach - Torrevieja car hire
Beach life, Torrevieja

Photo by Phillip Capper

One of the Costa Blanca's most popular tourist resorts, Torrevieja is a magnet for sun seekers from Northern Europe. Probably one of Spain's largest ex-pat communities.. There are astoundingly good beaches just outside the city - head to Guardamar del Segura (you'll need a car hire). Don't miss the flamingos on the salt lagoons outside Santa Pola, a drive through the salt-fields in your car hire in Spain is a real treat for the senses.

> car hire in Torrevieja

 car hire Spain

car hire in Andalucia

One of Spain's biggest regions encompassing some of her most beautiful cities - Arabesque architecture, sparkling nightlife, it's all here. Malaga | Granada | Cadiz

car hire Malaga

Malaga, Spain - view of the city from the fortress - Malaga car hire
Nerja beach

Home to the region's biggest airport, Malaga the city is a place of shady squares, fashionable shopping at Picasso's birthplace... It also boasts some rather fabulous beaches too!

> car hire Malaga Airport

> car hire Malaga train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Granada

Granada, Spain - Alhambra - Malaga Airport car hire
The Alhambra, Granada

Photo by Sharon Mollerus

With the Alhambra, Sierra Nevada and the beaches of Almuñecar, you can literally go skiing in the morning and sunbathing in the afternoon. Don't miss the Alhambra at sun-down, it's reputedly the most beautiful place on earth and a declared firm favourite of ex-President Bill Clinton.

> car hire Granada Airport

> car hire Granada train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Cádiz

Cadiz, Spain - Cadiz car hire
Beautiful Cadiz

Photo by Michal Osmenda

Occasionally doubling in movies for Cuba, this city leaves and breathes the sea which faces it. Cadiz's friendly locals are reputed to have a wicked sense of humour - certainly worth a visit during the carnival season in February. Famous for it's deep-fried seafood served in brown paper bags and eaten in the open air!

> car hire Cádiz train station

> car hire Sancti Petri

 car hire Spain

car hire Sevilla

Seville, Spain - Feria de Abril dressed up - Seville Airport car hire
All about the frills in Seville

Photo by peribanyez

Think of a Flamenco dancer in her polka-dot dress and you're probably unwittingly thinking about Seville. The Capital City of Flamenco dance and singers, the place comes alive during it's April "Feria de Abril" ¡Ozu!

> car hire Seville Airport

> car hire Seville Santa Justa train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Cordoba

Cadiz, Spain - Cadiz car hire
Mezquita de Cordoba

Photo by Frank Kovalchek

With it's distinct stripy arches, the "Mezquita de Cordoba" is one of the most stunning remnants of the Andalucia's time under Arab rule. The locals love dressing up and walk out in the cooler evenings when the heat of the sun has dissipated.

< car hire Cordoba train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Jerez

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain - Jerez Airport car hire
Jerez de la Frontera

Photo by viajar24h.com

Home of the fortified wine we Brits call "sherry", it's also home to the F1 motorbike racing fraternity with friendly locals who can't wait to show you round their bodegas. ¡Salud! (cheers)

> car hire Jerez Airport

 car hire Spain

car hire Costa Blanca

This is CarJet's home region. The Costa Blanca's gateway Alicante Airport but the region includes Valencia and the biggest resort in Spain, Benidorm. Alicante | Benidorm | Denia | Valencia | Castellon

car hire Alicante

Alicante, Spain - Santa Barbara Castle, turret and blue sea - Alicante Airport car hire
View from Santa Barbara Castle, Alicante

Probably Spain's fastest growing city, Alicante is the gateway to Spain's Costa Blanca car rental region. Don't miss the city though, enjoy a stroll around the gorgeous port area (where do they get the money for all those yachts?) and try the "casco antiguo" (old neighborhood) for a night out until the sun comes up.. The recently inaugurated AVE high speed train means that Alicante is now only 2hrs 40mins from Madrid's Atocha train station. We have car hire in Spain at both ends of that train line. Any ideas?

> car hire Alicante Airport

> car hire Alicante train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Benidorm

Benidorm, Spain - Sunset in Benidorm - Benidorm car hire
Sunset in Benidorm

Photo by Andrew Parnell

Ignore the snickering comments, Benidorm is great fun and this resort (more hotel beds than the entire country of Portugal!) is thumping year-round. Seek out the small "old town" area between the Postiguet and Levante beaches, it's where all the best night life can be found.. Get a car hire in Spain and drive up to Guadalest, or über-chic Altea Beach. There are flea-markets in Polop on Sundays, the Valor choclate factory in Villajoyosa..

> car hire in Benidorm

 car hire Spain

car hire Denia

Denia, Spain - Port - Denia car hire
Port in Denia

Photo by Javier Vte Rejas

Originally colonised by the Germans (who always find the best resorts first), this is now a truly international town. The fishing port keeps the local's tummies happy with a diet of fresh fish and prawns (the best prawns in the whole country come from here) and there is a chilled "café" night life. Enjoy! Kilometres of idyllic beach front make car hire in Denia an essential part of this area in Spain.

> car hire in Denia

 car hire Spain

car hire Valencia

Valencia, Spain - space age architecture - Valencia Airport car hire
Space age architecture

Photo by Filippo Diotalevi

Valencia has positioned itself into the fast lane : it's now a regular host of Bernie Ecclestone's money-printing exercise also known as "Formula 1" - don't miss the City of Arts and Sciences, designed by Antonio Calatrava..

> car hire Valencia Airport

> car hire Valencia train station

 car hire Spain


car hire Castellon

Although not technically part of the Costa Blanca (it belongs to the Costa del Azahar), tiny Castellon Airport has finally arrived and is operational. This makes a great gateway to the stunning Peñiscola area of Spain, lying mid-way between the Costa Blanca and the Costa Brava region to the North.

> car hire Castellon Airport

> car hire Castellon train station.

< car hire Spain

Madrid and central Spain: from Toledo to Logroño

The interior of car hire Spain is home to some of it's most magical cities. Places that go from winters of -10ºC to Summer days that break the 35ºC mark. Cities with history, amazing food and lot's to see during the day. Madrid | Toledo | Burgos | Logroño

car hire Madrid

Madrid - Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid car hire
Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid

Madrid is Spain's capital and also it's busiest airport. If you're flying through Madrid, take at least day to really enjoy this city. My special favourite is the Joaquin Sorolla Museum although there's enough art to see in the city to spend a week.. night life is hot too! When you've had your fill, take a car hire in Spain out of the capital to explore the wine regions, Segovia or Toledo.

> car hire Madrid Barajas Airport

> car hire Madrid Atocha train station

> car hire Madrid Chamartin train station

> car hire Madrid Pozuelo train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Toledo

Toledo, Spain - Toledo car hire
Historic Toledo

Photo by Ty Nigh

Toledo, Spain's capital for centuries before the creation of Madrid is like a teleport back to the 13th Century. Wear light clothes in the Summer months, thermal underwear in the winter..

> car hire Toledo train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Burgos

Burgos, Spain - Burgos car hire
The corridors of Burgos' cathedral

Photo by bernjan

Frequently Spain's coldest city in the winter months, this is a great place to visit. Burgos is also famous throughout Spain for it's fresh cow's milk cheese, served with a drizzle of honey as a desert or olive oil as an appetizer..

> car hire Burgos train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Logroño

La Rioja - Logrono - Spain car hire
Rioja's famous grapes

Photo by horrapics

Bet you know Logroño already? It's home to Rioja - probably Spain's most well-known wine and indeed export internationally. As you can imagine, the locals take their wine very seriously indeed. In fact, on a night out in this region, you'll rarely see the locals having a beer - wine is the order of the day, often served chilled in the Summer months. There are lots of places in the world where you can visit wineries. In Rioja, most have their own boutique hotels included so you can relax, park up the car hire &  sample the wines and eat local delicacies before moving on the next day to another part of the wine regions of Spain.

> car hire Logroño train station

 car hire Spain

Galicia and Northern Spain

Someone once told me the North of Spain looks like Wales - not a bad analogy, the Spanish of the North enjoy the country's best sea food and some of it's finest native wines. Vigo | Santiago de Compostela | La Coruña | Leon

car hire Vigo

Vigo, Spain - Cabo do Home, Punta Robaleira - Vigo Airport car hire
Lighthouse at Punta Robaleira

Photo by Gabriel Gonzalez

Home to some of the finest sea-food in Spain, Vigo boasts near-deserted beaches and friendly locals just dying to teach you about their fresh local wines with a light fizz...

> car hire Vigo Airport

> car hire Vigo train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Santiago de Compostela

Santiago, Spain - Camino de Santiago Compostela - Santiago Airport car hire
Final stop on the camino...

Photo by v1ctor

Probably best known internationally for the "camino de Santiago" pilgrims walk, this is a historic city steeped in religious architecture. When you've had your fill of gargoyles - hit the beach road in your car hire and head north!

> car hire Santiago de Compostela Airport

> car hire Santiago de Compostela train station

 car hire Spain

car hire La Coruña

A Coruña beaches - La Coruña Airport car hire
La Coruña beaches

Also known as "A Coruña" in the local language, La Coruña is all about the sea, home to some of Spain's biggest fishing fleets. The seafood available locally can be described as a "religious experience" - enjoy! The countryside around La Coruña can only truly be explored with a car hire in Spain.

> car hire La Coruña Airport

 car hire Spain

car hire Leon

Leon, Spain - MUSAC, art museum - Leon car hire
Colourful windows at MUSAC

Photo by widemos

Famous in Spain for it's role in removing the invading Moors from Spain in the early 10th Centrury (the "kings of Leon" existed centuries before the rock group of the same name), Leon today is a buzzing University town with an amazingly modern Museum of Contemporary Art "MUSAC" - these guys know how to roll!

> car hire León train station

  car hire Spain

Black sand or White sand? - the Canary Islands!

Seven stunning islands make up the Canary Islands of Spain : La Palma, El Hierro, La Gomera, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote

car hire Canary Islands

Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Papagayo - Lanzarote car hire
Moonscapes and crystal clear waters, Lanzarote

Photo via mydaily.co.uk

Follow this link and you can explore each of the seven islands that make up the Canary Islands of Spain, don't forget your flip-flops!

> car hire in the Canary Islands

 car hire Spain

Barcelona, Aragon & Catalunya

On the north-eastern seaboard of Spain, Barcelona feels like a capital city, the area has amazing beaches and one or two successful football teams, not so you'd notice. Barcelona | Zaragoza | Lleida | Girona

car hire Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain - Casa Batllo by Gaudi - Barcelona Airport car hire
Casa Batllo by Gaudi

It's not just about Barça, a true capital city facing the sea, don't miss the "Sagrada Familia" cathedral or exploring Mont Serrat for some truly breath taking views and of course, some excellent Catalan wines. A car hire in Spain can take you to the vineyards..

> car hire Barcelona Airport

> car hire Barcelon Sants train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Zaragoza

Zaragoza, Spain - Monasterio de Piedra, Zaragoza car hire
Monasterio de Piedra, Zaragoza

Photo by Pablo Sanchez

Although part of the Aragon region, Zaragoza is within striking distance of Catalunya, the economic powerhouse of Spain. Great historic buildings, including the famous Basilica, and the stone bridge stretching across the Ebro river. Also, don't miss a visit to the fabulous waterfalls at the Monasterio del Piedro an hour and a half's drive away from the city centre.

> car hire Zaragoza Airport

> car hire Zaragoza train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Lleida

Lleida, Spain - Lleida car hire
Sant Climent de Taüll

Photo PCB75

Lleida (in Catalan) Lerida (in Spanish) is one of Catalunya's oldest cities, today connected by Spain's AVE high-speed rail network to Barcelona. Check out the "Els Vins" area of town for tapas and the local wines.

> car hire Lleida train station

 car hire Spain

car hire Girona

Gerona, Spain - River Onyar houses - Girona Railway Station car hire
Hanging houses along River Onyar

Girona is the gateway to the Costa Brava on the north-east coast of Spain. It's also a fabulous city to visit with parts of the city dating back to the 1st Century. Don't miss the "hanging houses" which perch above the River Onyar! There's so much to see in your car hire in Spain.

> car hire Girona Airport

> car hire Girona train station

 car hire Spain

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