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      Car hire in Crete   Chania

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      Car hire in Crete   Chania

      Chania is one of the cities on the island of Crete, Greece. It’s located in the ancient city of Cydonia, built in during the Roman Empire, so it’s a city loaded with history. It’s considered one of the most picturesque, beautiful and interesting cities on Crete, so car hire in Chania Crete is a great way to discover every corner.

      It’s a city that increasingly welcomes more tourists. However, it has managed not to lose its customs, authenticity and its characteristic colour, which fills the streets giving it its unique charm. Chania is divided into different neighbourhoods and 4 of them are historic neighbourhoods. In each of them you can see the character of this Greek city, just another reason why hiring a car at Chania airport can be the choice for visiting each of them.

      Your Cheap Car Hire in Chania Crete

      If you’re thinking about hiring a car at Chania airport, we can offer you the best prices so that you can travel the city in the fastest and most comfortable way. When you arrive at Chania airport, you can pick up your car and go to your hotel, returning it once you return from your trip. The car can be a great help in getting to the city’s best places.p>

      Some of the points of interest in Chania are, for example, the fortress called 'Firkas', located in the neighbourhood of Topanas, where you can also see the summer theatre and the Naval Museum. You can also visit the highest point of the city, where the Rettore Palace is situated.

      You can visit the dockyards, located in the Plaza neighbourhood and built at the end of the 15th century by the Venetians, where you can see 9 of the 20 arches that are still preserved today. Also, in this neighbourhood you’ll find the Church of Saint Nicholas, the Orthodox Church of Agioi Anargyroi, and the Venetian church of Saint Rocco.

      On the other hand, you could visit the municipal market and try Chania’s impressive gastronomy. In your car hire from Chania airport you can head towards the impressive lighthouse, located at the end of the wall. And you can’t miss a visit to the beaches of Oasis and Kalamaki. They’re 3 kilometres from the city, so you can easily get there by car and thus see one of the island’s most beautiful areas.

      Compare and Choose a Car Hire that Suits you in Chania Crete

      Our comparison service, CarJet, can help you find the car that best suits your needs, as well as find the best price. There are many advantages to hiring a car for your visit with our comparison service:

      1. You can move around Chania without depending on public transport. Also, it's more convenient to get to and from the airport.
      2. You can choose the type of car you prefer and be able to visit different parts of the city, even those that are further away.
      3. It's quick and simple, never has renting a car been so straight-forward.
      4. You can compare the different options to get a car that suits you and get exclusive prices.
      5. You can pay by credit card from your home and book your car hire in Chania Crete before you arrive on the island.

      As you can see, car hire in Chania Crete is the best way to move freely around the city and to visit all its incredible areas in a simple, convenient and cheap way. Chania is a city with a lot to offer, so you shouldn’t miss any details. Be sure of it with our website.

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      • Car Hire in Crete Chania

      Car hire in Crete   Chania Airport

      Crete Chania Information

      Area: 4,8984 MI2
      Coordinates: 35.5350 , 24.1423
      Height: 603,52 Feet
      Average annual temperature: 53,6 ºF
      Average annual hours of daylight: 2770.4 Hours
      Population: 53.910 Inhabitants

      Information about Car Hire in Crete Chania

      Destination Crete Chania
      Car groups Small, Medium, Large, Estate, SUV, Minivans, Automatic, Premium
      Rental points in Crete Chania 40
      Suppliers at the airport 11
      Important rental agencies EUROPCAR, SIXT