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      Car hire in Malta Luqa

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      Small £ 2 /day
      Medium £ 2 /day
      Large £ 3 /day
      Estate £ 3 /day
      SUV £ 4 /day
      Minivans £ 5 /day
      Automatic £ 5 /day
      Premium £ 7 /day
      Vans £ 7 /day
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      • Medium
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      Car hire in Malta Luqa

      The name Luqa normally refers to Malta International Airport. It is the only airport and is also known as Valletta Airport because it is only 8 kilometres from Valletta, Malta’s capital. The transit at this airport is, therefore, immeasurable. The car hire at Luqa Airport is a service that is both professional and safe.

      Luqa is an airport transit location. Because of this, many assume it’s an arrival destination on the island. Valletta, the Maltese capital is the main destination for travellers eager to visit the architectural riches of this Maltese peninsula which has less than 8,000 inhabitants. The car hire in Luqa will allow you to visit the must-see places. You will want to see them all!

      It will take less than ten minutes to get from Luqa to Valletta. A time and distance that is worth it. The 16th-century Baroque buildings, with Renaissance, neoclassical and even modern elements, are well worth the trip. You will understand exactly why the city was recognised in the 1980s as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

      This small city is most emblematic of Malta. The fortifications and the stone walls explain exactly why this Mediterranean island holds such touristic charm. The leisure and entertainment on offer here acknowledge the annual tourist traffic to the place, where the palaces, squares, fountains and works of art in the streets allow you to experience an authentic trip in time.

      Why Rent your Car in Luqa with CarJet?

      Valletta is not the only place to visit in Malta. Mdina with its beautiful palaces or Marsaxlokk, are other enclaves to visit during a trip to Malta. Specifically, you’ll have to go from Luqa to Marsaxlokk to see the traditional luzzus. These are wooden boats painted in colours that feature in many Maltese prints.

      Rabat and its catacombs or the three cities that make up what is known as the Cottonera are other places that you will have to visit during your stay on the island of Malta. It will be easier and faster to car hire at Luqa airport.

      Car hire at Luqa Airport will be the best option to tour Malta and all its recommended places with the greatest comfort and freedom possible. Stay longer in the places that you like or leave whenever you want to. These are just two of the advantages of this car hire service in Luqa.

      How can one get from Luqa to Gozo Island or Comino Island in the most comfortable and relaxing way possible? The answer is with your car hire at Luqa airport.

      Visiting these unspoiled beaches with turquoise waters is a must and they’re one of Malta's biggest visitor attractions. It’s no wonder why! The heavenly images seem like something out of a movie. They’ll seem unreal and one of the advantages of traveling around Malta in your car hire from Luqa is that you can reach lesser-known places that aren’t frequently travelled to by tourists. This is something that doesn’t detract from those locations.

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      All expenses are included in our prices for car hire in Luqa. We promise fixed-price car rental during your stay in Malta, one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful islands.

      Malta is well worth a visit for the amount of attractions on offer, and car hire at Luqa Airport will always be the best of ideas.

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      • Car Hire in Malta Luqa

      Car hire in Malta Luqa Airport

      Malta Luqa Information

      Area: 2,613 MI2
      Coordinates: 35.8523 , 14.4770
      Height: 246 Feet
      Average annual temperature: 65,48 ºF
      Average annual hours of daylight: 3049,7 Hours
      Population: 5.945 Inhabitants

      Information about Car Hire in Malta Luqa

      Destination Malta Luqa
      Car groups Small, Medium, Large, Estate, SUV, Minivans, Automatic, Premium
      Rental points in Malta Luqa 26
      Suppliers at the airport 18